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Maryam Delaver , Nikoo international school

Education Made Glamorous! By Maryam Delavar

Education Made Glamorous! By Maryam Delavar

Maryam Delavar , Nikoo international school Manager: A while ago, I came across an article about a school in one of the countries of the Persian Gulf that employed unique facilities, most of which included unusual comfort. In Iran, especially in Tehran, there are schools have established a name for themselves by benefiting from stylish atmosphere, expensive equipment and all kinds of unnecessary amenities.

Iranart : Maryam Delavar , Nikoo international school Manager :It cannot be denied that basically anything with a "limelight" quality attracts attention and might even go so far as to seduce people.  To the vast majority of public, being flashy is equivalent to being successful. A fair question would be to ask: Is it reasonable for schools and education systems to be expensive and  luxury?

Glamorous education is in contradiction with the principles and basics of education, and being luxurious does not mean acting on sound grounds of education, adhere to the right set of rules and essentially project success;  reasons are quite simple:

1. One of the basic principles of education is its simplicity and naturalness.  Luxurious education is an uncommon phenomenon and contradictory to the principles of education based on simplicity.

2. Luxurious education crosses the line of reality and the real flow of life.  Children should get acquainted, and learn to live with facts in the process of education and prepare themselves for the real flow of events in life. On a normal course of social events, An adult faces various life issues, problems and people, which in turn necessitates an adjustment of behaviour accordingly. Grounds for due "education" should therefore be established in childhood and necessarily in schools to equip individuals with the right set of problem solving skills as an adult.

3. What is absolutely imperative in education is a "rich environment" and not a "glamorous environment". The duty of home and school is to provide an environment where the child has a host of opportunities to learn and gain invaluable experiences.

4. The principles of education state that a child needs activity, freedom of action, understanding rules, living with others and conformity with values.  All such principles are realized in a normal and real situation, not in a formal, elegant and expensive situation.

Maryam Delaver

5. In the process of education, methods and techniques preferred over tools, facilities and equipment.  Luxurious education is more about seeking superiority, comparison to one's peer as a benchmark for social class and encouraging competition. Equitable and successful education promotes questioning, reflection, cooperation, empathy, creativity and responsibility.

The future belongs to capable and resilient people who easily solve problems and consider material things as a means of comfort, but are not captive to tools and possessions.

 We do not claim to be luxurious, nor do we want to appear luxurious.  Our vision at Nikoo is to educate the thoughtful and creative citizens of the third millennium.


Maryam Delavar Nikoo international school
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