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Where is the biggest orchestra?

Where is the biggest orchestra?

More than 12,000 musicians meet in Caracas, Venezuela. They want to make a new world record for the biggest orchestra.

Iranart: All the musicians are in Venezuela's national orchestras. They are between 12 and 77 years old.

Their concert is one hour long. All the musicians play together for only about 10 minutes.

More than 250 people watch them. They are from the Guinness World Records. Every person watches a group of musicians. They see if all the musicians

follow the rules. The Guinness World Record will say in 10 days ifthe musicians have a new record.

The musicians play 'Slavonic March It is music by Russian Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Tchaikovsky writes it in 1876. He writes it for a concert for people. These people die in the war between Serbia and Turkey. 


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