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Salwa Zeidan Gallery introduced contemporary art Abu Dhabi Art 2023 | Photos

Salwa Zeidan Gallery introduced contemporary art Abu Dhabi Art 2023 | Photos

Salwa Zeidan Gallery participated in the 15th Abu Dhabi Art.

Iranart:The gallery is a contemporary art space located at Millennium Al Rawdah Hotel, Abu Dhabi. Salwa Zeidan Gallery has been established in 1994 in Abu Dhabi. Reopened in 2009, it specializes in contemporary art. The gallery represents both well-established and emerging artists from all around the globe.

It provides artists with space to showcase their work in the Middle East's capital of art and culture: Abu Dhabi. It promotes mediums that vary from paintings, photography and sculptures to installation and performance art. All the artworks selected by the gallery bare two common traits: minimalist vision and sensibility. Every artist and artwork is personally reviewed and selected by Salwa Zeidan herself – a painter, sculptor and curator with more than 25 years of experience- in order to ensure that every piece carries an emotional artistic touch rather than commercial and mechanical traits.

In addition to nurturing local talent through supporting emerging artists, the gallery has become renowned for its selective representation of many of the region's most prominent artists in a variety of mediums and styles, many of which have been successfully auctioned and sold at auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's. Furthermore, the gallery places much attention in its art fair strategy, ensuring that all the art fairs in which it participates are of high reputation, rank and overall artistic and organizational quality.

Finally, the gallery has launched the Middle East's first online gallery in June 2013, thus enabling the artists and artworks represented to receive even more attention and international appeal.



Contemporary Art Abu Dhabi Art Abu Dhabi Art 2023 Salwa Zeidan Millennium Al Rawdah Hotel
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