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Sadegh Tabrizi | Tehran Auction

Sadegh Tabrizi's Remarkable Sale of 3 Pieces in Tehran Auction

Sadegh Tabrizi's Remarkable Sale of 3 Pieces in Tehran Auction

Sadegh Tabrizi's Remarkable Sale of 3 Pieces in Tehran Auction.

IranArt : The 19th Tehran Auction featured three pieces by two painters, Sohrab Sepehri and Sadegh Tabrizi.

That marked the first occasion in the auction's eleven-year history that three artists' works were offered in a single evening.

Notably, each of these two outstanding painters' works sold, demonstrating that 

Tehran Auction specialists, who were well-versed in the market, offered more than two pieces by each artist.

The presentation of three distinct paintings by Sadegh Tabrizi in three different genres, however, may not have surprised those who keep a close eye on the Iranian art market, as it was established last year that this was the artist's 100th auction appearance over the course of the previous five decades thanks to the presence of a piece by him at Bonhams in London.

An introduction to three of Tabrizi works/ Mehrdad Fallah

Painter and creative representative for the late Sadegh Tabrizi's family, Mehrdad Fallah, presented his three pieces at the 19th Tehran Auction, stating: "This auction features works by Sadegh Tabrizi from three distinct eras and three distinct genres. These works of art include huge rhythm calligraphy, a modern classical figure, and a tiny line Quranic calligraphy, all unique in their own right. The master's works' prior reception is the reason for his impending inclusion in this auction."

Mehrdad Fallah

Regarding the price estimates given for the three pieces, Fallah stated that they were neither too high nor relatively inexpensive in comparison to past auctions.

He observed: "Nonetheless, the enormous and exquisite proportions of the classical figure and the rhythm calligraphy lured purchasers to buy them. Additionally, Quranic calligraphy is regarded as a long-lasting form of art and is among the most beautiful pieces produced by the master."

Let's now examine the prices at which the three Tabrizi pieces were sold, as listed on the Tehran Auction website:

Lot number:02 / calligraphy 

آثار صادق تبریزی


Signed “S.Tabrizi” in English (lower right)
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
135×135 cm
Painted in 2010s

Price realized : US$ 37.400

Lot number: 25 / figurative 

آثار صادق تبریزی


Signed “S.Tabrizi” in English (center right)
oil on canvas
95×140 cm
Painted in 1960s

Price realized: US$ 88000

Lot number:85 / Quran calligraphy 

آثار صادق تبریزی


Signed “S.Tabrizi” in English (lower right)
acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
241×177 cm
Painted in 2012

Price realized: US$ 68.200

1 USD = 500,000 IRR


Sale record of Sadegh Tabrizi in last summer/ 7 Works of Art Sold at Auctions in 7 Months by Sadegh Tabrizi


Prominent Iranian artist Sadegh Tabrizi, who passed away in London in 2017, is often featured in current art auctions.

The media stated that Tabrizi was making his 100th appearance at auctions on January 31, 2023, when he appeared at Bonham's in London.

A little oil painting, 45 x 35 cm, belonging to "The Lovers" collection from the 1970s was put up for auction in the Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art Online auction, and it sold for 6,120 pounds despite having a pre-sale estimate of between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds.

An untitled painting measuring 47.5 x 49 cm that had a pre-sale estimate of £600–800 sold at Artcurial on April 5 for £3,149.

Three other Tabrizi pieces were offered in a Bonham's event on May 24 headlined Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, and all three ended up being bought.

A 1960s artwork of Khosrow and Shirin without a title sold for £12,800. Another of the artist's untitled works, also from the 1960s, brought in £8,960, while his 1970 work "Lady on Horse" fetched in £3,840.

However, Tabrizi's art reached its zenith on July 21 at the 17th Tehran auction, where two of his paintings smashed sales records.

Untitled painting from the 2010s, acrylic on canvas, 100 × 70 cm, sold for 2.2 billion tomans, or roughly $52,000, over the pre-sale estimate.

Another piece, measuring 122 by 168 cm and painted in acrylic without a title, went on sale for 1 billion and 700 million tomans (about $40,000).

_ 19th Tehran Auction realized more than $5 million

Tehran Auction held its 19th auction, presenting Modern and Contemporary Iranian art at the Azadi Hotel, Tehran, Iran.

 A sale total of $5,317,840 USD was realized, proving again that Tehran Auction has achieved its goal of expanding the country's art market.

The auction offered 90 works by 69 artists consisting of 83 paintings and 7 sculptures.

A total of 82 works were sold, which makes it a %91 sold by lot, achieving a hammer price of %112 against the total low estimates.

Tehran Auction is proud that it has greatly contributed to boosting the Iranian art market, attracting many new and enthusiastic buyers and collectors to the market. It has also contributed to introducing Iranian artists to the international art scene with their sale records now accessible through major art databases such as AskArt, Artnet, and Artprice.

The 19th Tehran Auction was held under the management of Alireza Samiazar, and the auctioneer was Iranian actor Reza Kianian.

Sadegh Tabrizi
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