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Hamidreza Shafiei's Recommendations; Sustainability of the Environment and the Role of the Creative Community

Hamidreza Shafiei's Recommendations; Sustainability of the Environment and the Role of the Creative Community

Environmental awareness has recently become a prominent theme among artists, with artwork in a number of media attempting to emphasize the need of environmental sustainability.

IranArt : The idea behind environmental sustainability, according to Vesta Color brand manager Hamidreza Shafiei, is to establish an ecosystem that would protect resources for an endless amount of time.

He explains that the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development defines a sustainable environment as functioning in such a way that future generations have access to the same natural resources as the current generation.

"Since this idea encourages responsible environmental participation, the most significant art events have included this topic on their agendas," Shafiei says.

He cites the upcoming Art Dubai, the top Abu Dhabi 421 online programs, exhibitions by the Sharjah Art Foundation, the ATHR Gallery and Ithra series in Jeddah, the Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi, or the Saudi artist Muhannad Shono's installation "A Forgotten Place" on Alserkal Avenue in Dubai as examples.

مهند شونو Muhannad Shono السرکال اونیو دبی

The manager of the Vesta Color brand recommends: Even the classic naturalist artists like Mahmoud Sa'id of Egypt, Kamal-ol-Molk of Iran, and the watercolorists of Isfahan, whose pictures of the infinite blue sky and white balloon clouds still inspire humankind with their visions, should be reviewed. Furthermore, sixty years after his start, the painter of paradise, Hossein Mahjoubi, who is now ninety-two years old, is still launching his profession and addressing humans, blaming them of destroying God's creation.

حسین محجوبی

Shafiei emphasizes: "I am really happy that Vesta Color brand produces its items in accordance with the environmental sustainability component and without toxicity. While the globe was still dealing with the Corona pandemic in the spring of 2023, it sponsored an exhibition that explored the unbreakable bond between humans and the natural environment. The exhibition titled "I'm the Ground, You the Tree" included the works of Elham Azimi, a gifted young artist, and took place at the Mojdeh Art Gallery in Tehran."

حمیدرضا شفیعی

الهام عظیمی


Finally, Hamidreza Shafiei says, "To be honest, Middle Easterners have a greater need to protect the environment than people anywhere else in the world due to their coexistence with fossil fuels.

Hamidreza Shafiei

We anticipate that the emphasis placed by artists on promoting environmental sustainability will increase public awareness."


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