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Steve House Wins Golden Plaque

Steve House Wins Golden Plaque

Tehran. (Iranart)-Steve House in Kashan, which is a specialized gallery with a focus on photography, has received a gold license plaque.

Steve House was established in the neighborhood of Kohneh Square in Kashan, near the oldest building in the city, by Hossein Farmani and with the cooperation of Hossein Roshanbakht and Hassan Roshanbakht on June 14, 2019. The house was named after internationally acclaimed photographer Steve McCurry and opened with a unique collection. Currently has been reported that this gallery, which has become one of the tourist destinations of Kashan, received a golden plaque of the Mizan Architecture Award.

Mizan Architecture Event, in summer 2020, selected its winners from among 70 architectural projects.


Hossein Farmani Steve House Mizan Architecture Award
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