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Mojdeh gallery hold

TEHRAN.(Iranart) –Mojdeh Tabatabaie the director of Mojdeh gallery, announced the establishment of an exhibition reviewing the life and works of Mehdi Sahabi at the Museum of Contemporary art in Tehran.

Mojdeh Tabatabaie who is curator of Mehdi Sahabi's exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran said: this exhibition will be opened August 1400 in cooperation with Mojdeh Gallery and the Sahabi's Family.

Tabatabaie said Mojdeh Gallery during it's twenty_two years of activity has always been concerned with the art and culture of this region and has tried to get known the artists of this land as well as possible and to respect their art.To this end,Mojdeh Gallery on November15 ,2019 with the 10th abniversary of the death the living artist "Mehdi Sahabi" with the coopeation and the support if Sahabi's family held a commemoration for this artist at the gallery, which a week later th exhibited the event of this artist in Mojde Gallery with the his unseen works.From the same days, the idea of holding a live exhibition of Sahabi Memorial at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran came to fruition and the preparations for this exhibition began. Now, after two years of 24/7 efforts, in August 1400, an exhibition of Mehdi Sahabi's living works at the Museum of Contemporary Art It will host enthusiasts

She explained in this exhibition more than 150 works from diffrent collections multifacted of this artist will be displayed.

 Simultaneously with the exhibition, a book entitled" Review of the life and works of Mehdi Sahabi "will be unveiled by Mojdeh Gallery and a group of critics, researchers, university professors, and experts in the field of art and literature. It is noteworthy that the book Includes 310 works of Mehdi Sahabi's living visual works in the fields of painting, sculpture, embossing, and photography, along with more than ten scientific-research articles, Tabatabai added.

مژده طباطبایی

She said During this event which will be held for about a month at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, we will have we will have several specialized meetings with the presence of guests and speakers who will explain the position of Mehdi Sahabi's literary art.

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