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    Iranart: Kimia Nakhaei: The book Searching for Sense, Semiotic Analysis of Mehdi Sahabi's visual artworks, was released at Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Arts, with the efforts of Mojdeh Art Gallery and the cooperation of Sahabi Foundation and the museum. Mehdi Sahabi's exhibition was held at the Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art in the fall of 2021 with the curatorship of Mojdeh Tabatabaie, which was accompanied by several specialized meetings. One of the meetings that was met enthusiastically by experts and art enthusiasts was the specialized meeting of "Semiotics " of Sahabi's works. During this meeting, three prominent French semioticians, Jacques Fontanille, Denis Bertrand, and Ivan Darrault-Harris, gave speeches and each of them carefully introduced Sahahi's enthusiasts to new aspects of his art works. These three articles were published in March of the same year in Tarbiat Modares University's Linguistic Essays magazine with the efforts of Hamid Reza Shaeiri. The importance of this approach and the need of the art community to know the semiotics approach and how to apply it to the artistic works, caused these three articles to be published in a new book titled " Searching for Sense ", a semiotic study of Mehdi Sahabi's visual art works. The translators of this book, Marzieh Athari Nikazm and Sohrab Ahmadi, translated the book in the first half of last year, the book was published with the help of Mojdeh Art Gallery and Sahabi Foundation and with the cooperation of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. The head of the Academy of Arts, Dr. Bahman Namvarr Motlagh, mentioned this book as unique during the releasing ceremony at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. A considerable crowd was present at this event, so much that many had to stand up to watch this event in the Tak Cinema hall of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts

  • Iranart: the exhibition of “Mehdi Sahabi A Retrospective” is on display in Tehran museum of contemporary arts with the dedication Mojdeh Art Gallery and with the cooperation of Sahabi Foundation. Mojdeh Tabatabaei is the curator of Mehdi Sahabi’s exhibition. Watch Kimia Nakhaei’s report of this exhibition.

  • IranArt: Kimia Nakhaei: A report of “Mehdi Sahabi A Retrospective” in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.

  • Iranart: The exhibition "Mehdi Sahabi A Retrospective" was launched by Mojdeh Art Gallery, Sahabi Foundation and Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday evening, November 2. Mojdeh Tabatabai is the curator of Mehdi Sahabi’s exhibition and Sohrab Ahmadi is the curator of its literary section. The exhibition was opened with a remarkable welcome from artists and art lovers.

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    TEHRAN.(Iranart) –Mojdeh Tabatabaie the director of Mojdeh gallery, announced the establishment of an exhibition reviewing the life and works of Mehdi Sahabi at the Museum of Contemporary art in Tehran.

  • A collection of artworks by late Iranian translator, painter, and writer Mehdi Sahabi is in view in the Mojdeh Gallery. Entitled After Ten Years, the show runs until 29 November. Mehdi Sahabi ( 4 February 1944 in Qasvin (Iran) – November 9, 2009 in Paris (France) ), translated novels originally in English, French, and Italian into Persian. His translation of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time, which he spent 11 years on, is considered his finest. He also translated Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary and Sentimental Education, Charles Dickens' David Copperfield; All Men are Mortal by Simone de Beauvoir, Stendhal's The Red and the Black, The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino and Louis-Ferdinand Céline's Death on Credit.

  • TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Works of the late painter, sculptor, writer and translator Mehdi Sahabi (1944-2009), named Lovely Scraps, are on show at Atbin Art Gallery.