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TEHRAN –(Iranart)-Works by athlete and artist Mohammad Berangi were exhibited at the West Yorkshire Printing Workshop (WYPW).

 A collection of works by Mohammad Berangi was exhibited in Yorkshire, England. 

The works of this collection, like the previous works of this artist, show his interest in using Iranian stories and literature and combining them with various visual elements. In his chapter, he created characters that are formed from a combination of human and animal characteristics and are strange and different creatures.

 "I have always tried to use the space in which I grew up to shape my work" Berangi said.

 In a recent painting exhibition, three large wall pieces were displayed in which various plants and animals can be seen. Imaginary half-human-half-bird creatures, demons and images of women faces collaged in the works have been put together to create another world. Martin Lucas, Exhibition Coordinator at the West Yorkshire Printing Workshop, said about the exhibition: "Mohammad Barrangi is an emerging star in the art world and I am glad that he has shown us such an amazing collection. The show excites our imagination with ideas from past legends, mysterious creatures that play amazing scenarios, and a combination of added humor".

Iranian artist Mohammad Berangi
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