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A Report of the photo exhibition “I am what I see” in Mojdeh Gallery by Kimia Nakhaei

A Report of the photo exhibition “I am what I see” in Mojdeh Gallery by Kimia Nakhaei

TEHRAN –(Iranart)-These days, Mojdeh Gallery is hosting the "I am, what I see" exhibition, which examines the worldviews of 23 photographers as an existential originality.

Thirty-seven photos curated by Sohrab Ahmadi are displayed in this exhibition. Photographers from different generations with different experiences and particular view of the world and its surrounding issues; Each of them has shown their own worldview by capturing moments through a camera.

By entering the gallery, the first wall that grasps our attention is the wall facing the entrance. Seven black-and-white artworks on the wall with social and figurative subjects, such as the portrait of Lily Matin Daftari by Ahmad Aali, greet the audience and create a sense of nostalgia.

Along with the exhibition statement, which is installed on the crimson wall of the gallery, Maryam Zandi’s artwork on the canvas catches the eye, a naturalistic photograph that can create different meanings depending on the audience's lived experience with a lot of white space that captures the essence of the pure moment of birds flying from a colorful tree. 

نمایشگاه هستم آنچه می بینم گالری مژده

The subjects of the artworks in the exhibition are diverse, but with a well-thought-out composition, similar subjects are placed next to each other and divide the wall into smaller parts with homogeneous concepts, which each composition takes you to a different world.

Abbas Kiarostami, the international Iranian artist with colorful views of the pristine plains of Iran with a single photo is present in Mojdeh Gallery; This beautiful and energetic photo with dimensions of 28x43 captures the heart of the audience and takes them to the world of films such as "Khaneh Doost Kojast" (Where is the home of friend).

But the pain that ripples through Mohammad Farnood's photograph, "Inside Prison" faces us with the shocking image of train passengers as if they are trapped in the train’s compartment and their only way to survive is immigration which itself is another form of prison, is also another reading of " I am, what I see ".

نمایشگاه هستم آنچه می بینم گالری مژده

Although watching from the point of view of famous figures such as Mehdi Sahabi, Arman Estepanian, Siamak Zomordi Motlagh, Alfred Yaghoubzadeh, etc. are the special charms of this exhibition, but the photos of established young artists such as Babak Haghi are subjects such as the reflection of the image of objects that have been seen on the water of the city asphalt is spectacular.

Other artists present in the exhibition "I am, what I see" Shahram Ahmadzadeh, Mahdieh Afshar, Ramin Haerizadeh, Majid Hojjati, Hofar Haghighi, Sara Sassani, Maryam Saeedpour, Nazli Abbaspour, Nazli Abbasi, Farshad Fereshteh Hekmat, Parisa Fahami, Babak Kazormi, Beheshti and Vahid Momenzadeh have their artworks on display until September 14th, and those interested in visiting the exhibition are welcome by following  all the sanitary protocols of and social distancing and can visit Mojdeh Gallery at No. 27, 18th East Alley, North Allameh St., Saadat Abad St..

By Kimia Nakhaei

Mojdeh Art Gallery Mojdeh Gallery Kimia Nakhaei
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