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Safe to Gogh's Exhibition runs through March 2022

Safe to Gogh's Exhibition runs through March  2022

The Omicron viral strain has caused a lot of disruptions in travel, holiday gatherings, and entertainment. For the well-being of their visitors, the ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ exhibit in Las Vegas has been very careful when it comes to safety since it opened during the pandemic, and it has recently implemented additional safety measures.

Iranart:The work of Vincent van Gogh has long been treasured among art lovers around the world, but his artwork has never been celebrated quite like it is within this exhibit at Lighthouse Las Vegas. The experiential marvel pulls out all the stops to help audiences feel as though they truly step into the art and live in it for a few special moments, Forbes wrote.

To keep visitors safe during their experience, one effective safety measure is simple. Social distancing circles are programmed into the projection so that visitors can easily keep a safe distance from each other without having to worry too much about it. It keeps it obvious and simple so that people can roam and truly be immersed in the art, yet also not risk getting too close to someone else.

Additionally, ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ has followed all national, state, and local COVID-19 safety precautions. For example, masks are required for all visitors to the Las Vegas exhibit. Masks need to be worn over the nose and mouth for the entirety of the visit. In addition to the social distancing circles in the exhibit, physical distancing should be maintained in other public spaces like lines and in restrooms.

Visitors should take advantage of the touchless hand sanitization stations that are placed throughout the venue. They are also encouraged to utilize contactless payment options.

Corey Ross, the producer of ‘Immersive Van Gogh,’ explained, “After nearly two years of navigating this pandemic, ‘Immersive Van Gogh’ has led the industry in providing a COVID-safe experience. Even in the early days of the pandemic, we had hundreds of thousands of visitors come through our Toronto exhibit and not a single case was attributed to our venue.”

A pun was inevitable as he concluded, “We have carefully crafted an experience that is ‘safe to Gogh’.”

Their history of safety is no small feat when you consider that more than four million people have visited the Immersive Van Gogh exhibits across North America since July 2020. Since the exhibit was originally imagined long before anyone had heard of COVID-19, it took quite a lot of pivoting from how the exhibit was originally conceived to how it was presented to the public. The heart of it has remained the same, though.

It brings audiences into the artwork of Vincent van Gogh, sharing what was surely his emotional inner world. It uses art, movement, light, music, and other forces of the imagination. The exhibit showcases over 500,000 cubic feet of animated projections. Some of the artwork used in the exhibit includes ‘The Starry Night,’ ‘The Bedroom in Arles,’ and ‘Self Portrait with Felt Hat’.

The exhibition runs through March 13, 2022.


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