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Alireza Asanloo narrates an unique narrative of Sadegh Hedayat the famous Iranian writer in Mojdeh art gallery.

Iranart: Kimia Nakhaei : Alireza Asanloo, Iranian painter and sculptor who is known for creating busts of great Iranian artists such as Abbas Kiarostami, Mohammadreza Shajarian and many more, with an aesthetic approach, in a contemporary border between realism and abstract and by giving originality to the imagination of the viewer, has created elements of Hedayat’s figures in the numerous layers of colors that have been well received in Mojdeh art gallery.

Alireza Asanloo, Sadegh Hedayat in Mojdeh Art Gallery

“We’ll Meet At The Ressurection” is the title of this collection of paintings which is one of Sadegh Hedayat’s famous sayings. Ten paintings of this exhibition invites you to a conceptual and meaningful meeting with Mr. Hedayat who committed suicide in the age of 48, which made him a legend. 

See some of these artworks:


Mojdeh Art Gallery Sadegh Hedayat Kimia Nakhaei Alireza Asanloo
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