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The MRK Contemporary Art gallery is a humble attempt to celebrate the pioneering Emirati artists and the Eurabian artworks with predominantly Arabic and Islamic influence by renowned international Artists from Americas, Europe and Asia.

Iranart :Azadeh JafarianMeena Kamal is an accomplished artist and credited by art critics for creating a new  genre in landscape abstract expressionism. MRK gallery will showcase the journey of the legendary Emirati artists and talented child prodigies in Dubai, the world Art hub.MRK Contemporary’s mission focuses on a multitude of levels, from spotting and representing young nurturing talents, emerging and mid-career artists, to matured and legendary artists, whose works dawns the walls of art museums. Artist and Gallerist Meena Kamal is following her passion to nurture young art talents. The MRK Contemporary is the first gallery to offer a platform for artistic protégés to display their work on different mediums including digital.

The portraits of the Rulers painted by a renowned American Artist Paul Morin and contemporary expressive charcoal portrait by the   Korean artist Zin Lim are masterpiece, providing a glimpse into the visionary creative minds of the Rulers. MRK Contemporary offers a range of masterpieces with a focus on contemporary art and the secondary market with collaboration of affluent art consultant, advisor in the artworld James Bacchi from California, USA. Meena Kamal has over twenty years of experience in the artworld and will be available to advise clients about art acquisition, and the sale of private collections. MRK will be pleased to offer special viewing experience, and help you guide to collect the artworks on prior appointment for private viewing. For critique or interpretation of the artworks please contact us through 

Some of the gallery artists are   khalil abdul wahid, james bacchi, paul morin, zin lim, khusro subzwari, karel stoop, dr najat makki,meena kamal, ABDULQADER AL RAIS


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