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Siccative Vesta

Siccative Vesta

Siccative Vesta

Vesta Siccative is one of the additives that Vesta color produces it’s for oil painting.

IranArt : Vesta color produces 8 products for increase quality and excitement of painting that " Vesta Siccative " is one of them.

Siccative, a colorless liquid made by boiling metal salts in linseed oil, speeds up the drying process of both paint and oil while maintaining the solidity and simplicity of the colors. Although turpentine smells quite nice in a painting studio, some artists prefer to use siccative in their work because it is less unpleasant than turpentine.

Artists know well that speed up the drying of oil painting effects directly into maintaining integrity artworks. 

The artists are thrilled because no need to drying their artworks layer by layer and Siccative appears in this time.

Different additives are required for every professional painting, and Vesta Color offers you an excellent and varied selection of these additives.

The distinct qualities of each of the company's mediums and additives must be experienced in order to fully comprehend them.

Vesta Color Company works to give you more options when it comes to using mediums and additives with a variety of goods since this element adds to the fun and exciting process of making art.

Simply experiment with colors using different mediums and additives. There's a good chance you'll feel excited in this situation.

For instance, Vesta Color offers eight distinct products for oily additives and mediums; now, we have presented Vesta Siccative to you.

Siccative Vesta

White Spirite ، Linseed Oil ، Trupentine ، Dryer ، Oil Painting’s Glass Varnish ، Oil painting’s Medium ​، Liquin Are 7 vesta products for oil paintings.

Vesta Color's long shelf life includes 353 separate items, including solvents, additives, oil paints, acrylics, gouache, ecoline, and vitrail, among many other categories.

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