Deilaman Gallery

  • Iranart: kimia Nakhaei : These days, on the initiative of Ramyar Manouchehrzadeh, the group exhibition “Revoloution; The Third Folder” is on display in Aria art gallery. This exhibition is the third three prominent streets in Tehran that tries to reveal the capital from the point of view of artists. “Valiasr; The First Folder” and “Shariati; The Second Folder” were the two previous episodes of this visual trilogy that were displayed in 2018 and 2019. Hediyeh Mortazian, the director of Deilaman gallery states about this event: “My attention in the events that took place in Deilman Gallery was on the distinction, new viewpoint and the standard and professional exhibition; Fortunately, Shariati Exhibition; The Second Folder had all these features; The exhibition, while retrieving memories, introduced new discourses about this historic street of the capital. It is really important that people look at their surrounding and environment carefully and I am glad that artists mirror such an important component. I am pleased that the third folder of this event is being held in Aria Gallery these days. Under the same pretext, we are publishing the photos from “Shariati exhibition; The Second Folder” which was held in Dielaman Gallery two years ago.

  • Hedyeh Mortazian, the director of Deilaman Gallery, says that as Iranian calligraphy registered in UNESCO World Heritage List, attention has been drawn to this original art and attention should be paid to the living conditions of the artists as well.

  • Deilaman Gallery is hosting a new painting exhibition by Masoud Sadeddin. You can see his works until 12 July. The show is titled Rapture in the Moment.

  • New sculptures by contemporary artist Simin Ekrami are on display at Deilaman Gallery until December 19.