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Hediyeh Mortazian, Director of Deilaman Gallery: Original Iranian calligraphy shines in the world, but calligraphers live hard in Iran 

Hediyeh Mortazian, Director of Deilaman Gallery:
Original Iranian calligraphy shines in the world, but calligraphers live hard in Iran 

Hedyeh Mortazian, the director of Deilaman Gallery, says that as Iranian calligraphy registered in UNESCO World Heritage List, attention has been drawn to this original art and attention should be paid to the living conditions of the artists as well.

Iranart : Azadeh Jafarian,Persian calligraphy, a symbol of hope and dignity for the predecessors of one of the world’s first civilizations, has been awarded protected status by UNESCO. Persian calligraphy has long been one of the most revered arts throughout the history of Iran and other Persian-speaking communities.

She raises the question: Why is there no serious support for the original Iranian arts that reflect the most spiritual meanings? If we still want these arts to continue to exist, we must pay attention to the dire living conditions of the artists so that they can make a living by selling their works.

The director of Deilaman Gallery declared: "The news of the registration of Iranian calligraphy in UNESCO has attracted attention to this art nowadays, the officials should pay attention to contemporary and young calligraphers in order to improve the conditions of many talented people who are unable to make a living by their arts."

Hediyeh Mortazian

Hedyeh Mortazian expressed hope that the global registration of the "National Program for the Preservation of Traditional Art of Calligraphy in Iran" in UNESCO will make us appreciate Iranian art and artists and use leading methods to promote them in the contemporary world.

Mortazian pointed out: We all know that the most prestigious museums in the world keep Iranian calligraphy in their luxurious treasures like precious pearls, and These works always have the highest records in the most prestigious auctions in the world. But this ancestral art is neglected in the homeland and does not receive the dignity it deserves.

She added: To know the popularity of Iranian calligraphy today, it is enough to search the artistic and public environments of the surrounding nations. From original calligraphy to innovations in this field, it is in great demand, and we neglect to promote this art. On the other hand, if we do scientific and systematic work on advertising and marketing it. We will achieve great results for our country and our artists, both from the spiritual point of view of transferring culture and worldview and from the material point of view of bringing currency.

In the end, Mortazian concluded: I hope that because of this good news, the responsible organizations will provide the grounds for the art of calligraphy to be seen inside and outside the country, and by considering appropriate encouraging, They help the private sector in this field to strive for the promotion of Iranian art with more power and courage internationally.

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