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TEHRAN –(Iranart) -The fact is that COVID19 fulfilled the impossible wishes of some.

The journalist, Hossein Hashempoor expressed his believes in such way: Yes, the fact is that corona fulfilled the impossible wishes of some. those who didn't like to see people in theatre halls, concerts, walking in gallery corridors, or by a video set up their zeal vein swells and makes them pull down posters from cinema notice boards, burn buntings and banners without knowing what is theatre, cinema, etc. Corona hit the axe to Iran's neoteric market and lank roots of art society which most of its members are living in genteel poverty. Nowadays a female instrument player is not nervous on the stage in her fatherland and of course, a bunch of event-disruptors is in hangover at the moment.

The journalist goes on to say that Corona accomplished the mission of all the governments of these forty years that whoever came, by selecting the farthest options for the ministry of culture, budget climbed down to six-tenths of a percent from the total.

Please note! It is only zero point six out of a hundred! It means from total budget, not only art and culture don't even have one percent shared from the bulky main wealth in our country but also other subs are having benefits and hands in it. Who doesn't know even this petit budget is not paid complete and regularly, the however government claims seventy percent of last year's budget is distributed right from the beginning. Marvelous behavior is when the government doesn't apologize for the lack of work in the full allocation of the art budget because generally such an official is not institutionalized in our country, also our artsy communities and hubs have not made serious demand about art budget, never. In the parallel ministry of culture together with its sub-divisions or sub-departments are aware of what is happening to all those art communities without batting an eyelid. Only art society getting more under the pressure of economic crises and inflation.

هاشم پور

Maybe if there were serious managers in the ministry of art and culture to allocate 100% of the calculated budget from the total, right from the beginning and this matter interpreted to all as a red line, even call artists to contribute in the budget, also if there weren’t managers who afraid of dismal and resign, maybe we could see shutting down the process of not allocating budget in our community.

However Corona thought us, we shouldn't make an impossible wish!

We are now relieved that governments are not doing anything to promote art and improving the living standards of artists. The days when oil was worth as much as gold, they did not spend a minim for art, as a result, it is six-tenths of a percent from the total! Nowadays the government is not able to control prices on butter and bread for two days, thus it is a failed hope to expect from them to feed the cinema, music, theatre, and so on, to get back to the market, growth, and development. This comeback counts on me and your hands.

since the minister of health announced 'for another two years, we have to deal with coronavirus', I guess artists penny finally dropped that we have to create our own world. If it is not possible to hold hands and stand up again, we can link our hurts to fly above success



Hossein Hashempoor
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