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TEHRAN.(Iranart)- The journalist Hossein Hashempoor believes: The smell of improving is miles away from us Iranians. Happiness, peace in mind, a very ordinary kind of welfare, are very far from us, that far which we cannot approach what we need soon.

This statement reflected in Iran Art News, Shargh News, etc. We all lost away, Honestly, I have been trying to distract myself from this tangible fact for a long time, but my efforts are in vain. The despair from which we escaped is flowing like blood in us these days; now all my attention is on how quietly we all walk miserably together. Not to think that just the incredible increase in living costs, staggering rents, and daily necessities has made me realize this, no, Honestly, I see people complaining and are nervous on the street, I feel instability. I believe more and more that the smell of improving is miles away from us Iranians. Happiness, peace of mind, a very ordinary kind of normal welfare, are very far from us, that far which we cannot approach what we need soon.

There are several money changer on the way from my home to the office, some days when these exchange offices are busy, you even have to ignore the sidewalk and cross the street, to pass the crowd. Bunch of people with or without masks jump on top of each other to grab the doors and windows of an exchange office! They do not hesitate to swear at each other. So anxious about finishing of the dollar and the euro without realizing that they are pushing back a little more respect and privacy. At first I thought they were the painless affluent population, Of course, they could not be better than us at this moment, But the dollar buying queue was misleading; Later, I found out this poor group realized the government had injected dollars into the market and it had become 22,000 tomans so everyone tries to buy cheap for sell up to 25,000 tomans another two or three days to spend for their daily expenses!!

In my opinion, this repetitive scene is one of the saddest situations that if an Iranian artist reflects on it in his work, he will be accused of blackmail; People who ax everyone to feed their hungry stomachs, and do not even know that they are making themselves more miserable with their own hands, but the economic situation is such that you cannot criticize them; they have rights to spend today.  My nightmare has found an external narrative: One of us is standing on the edge of the well, one of us two or three meters have sunk into the well and there are many others who have fallen fifty or sixty meters, one hundred meters; intensity of this regression also depends on our bank account. The depth of the catastrophe is that the exponential growth of spending, along with fixed and sometimes declining incomes, depicts the space in which the middle class will fall into this well of poverty. Sooner or later it has but no doubt.

These days, are catastrophe if you are from the culture and art community.

Even the most pessimistic theorists did not imagine that such a tragedy would one day await artists and cultural figures; Be cinematic or dramatic, It doesn't matter if you are a painter or a musician, the business environment is completely locked and silent, and if before, like 90% of the culture and art community, you ate out of pocket and did not have savings, these days you must have been left below the poverty line. You do not know what to do, because the work is over. The pain is that all these years that passed, when the price of oil was in the triple digits or the price of the dollar had not yet reached the triple digits, all of us shouted, blacked out the newspaper to reach our voice to increasing the budget of our country's culture and art! No one heard us… After demolishing our society of art and culture with excuse of budget now officers in government are asking how many artists want a loan of one million Tomans?! The Minister of Culture complains: why banks do not lend money to artists! And nobody asks how many days can these loans last? How did the unemployed artist repay the principal and interest of these loans? Is this a solution at all, or is it more a matter of sinking into the well? And many more questions without reply!

Yes, we all lost long ago…

Hossein Hashempoor
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