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Maryam Delavar , Nikoo International School

Nikoo International School ,A Redefined Version of School By Maryam Delavar

Nikoo International School ,A Redefined Version of School By Maryam Delavar

Nikoo International School , A Redefined Version of School By Maryam Delavar

Iran art: Maryam Delavar : Considering the establishment of Dar al-Fonun, modern schools in our country date back to about 170 years. School management has had many ups and downs during this period, but on a brief account, it can be said that the "state-approved" formal education system has not proven to be of effectiveness. Apart from a few unevenly distributed experiences in schooling within the public and private sectors that have achieved concrete success, we still cannot claim that we have been successful in laying down a fitting model in schooling.

In the meantime, the errors and deviations that existed and still exist in schooling are what capture a fair amount of attention.  I will briefly mention a few points:

1. Incorrect view on learning and use of impulsive and procrustean methods for education

2. Score orientation and equivalence the extent of achievement in learning as synonymous with "grades and report cards"

3. Competitiveness and the use of motivational tools based upon cooperation and coercion

4. Compulsive and prescriptive education and the illusion of it all being productive in applying controling and one-sided means to correct student behavior

5. "Control orientation" and the idea of ​​the necessity of formulating students' behavior by applying strictness and constant supervision

6. Emphasis on repetition and excessive reading instead of practicing productive teaching and effective learning

7. Emphasising financial capabilities and flashy, yet ineffective facilities in the process of education with complete lack of regard to resource management

 8. Lack of sound understanding of the importance of education management and excessive negligence in the training of school management specialist and practitioners.

Naturally, the above cases and many other similar deficiencies originate from the lack of educational understanding, defective attitude towards education and the inability to keep up with the global trends in culture and educational developments.

Maryam Delaver

At Nikoo International School, we are looking for a different kind of school; A school based on a correct understanding of the principles of education, an up-to-date look at the needs of students, recognition of generational characteristics void of imposed and forced actions, emphasis on the independence and self-regulation of students, respect for differences, strengthening empathy and altruism, and ultimately, effective methods in education.

Doing different work requires different company. Parents who evaluate their child's status in school only by grades, obedience, resourcefulness, in an environment without challenges and consequently, without problem solving skills, may not be able to adapt to our approach in education and schooling. We welcome the presence of parents who seek to raise thoughtful, creative, third-millennium citizens with life skills to face modern-day challenges and solve modern-day problems.

Maryam Delavar Nikoo international school
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