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A play on stage in Tehran about a story of love lost represents

A play on stage in Tehran about a story of love lost represents

Entitled “Lilith”, the story of the play is set in the former Yugoslavia, which is burning in the flames of ethnic conflicts taking place in the Balkans.

Iranart:Bora and Lindita, who are in love with each other, have been living in Yugoslavia, but now, the ethnic conflicts have placed them in a dilemma. 

“Lilith is the first mythical female figure of the universe from the Europeans’ point of view,” director and writer Mohammadreza Shahmardi told the Persian service of MNA.

“European people believe that the mythical beautiful woman existed before Adam and Eve. In this play, due to his love for Lindita, Bora calls her ‘Lilith’,” he added.

“Lilith was an element of solidarity in Europe, however, we see that Yugoslavia, which was so strongly unified, falls, and we also see that there is no longer any element of the union, even Christianity, that can keep people in Europe united,” he stated.

“Despite its solidarity, Yugoslavia became engulfed in the flames of ethnic wars and collapsed, just like the female character of our play who no longer wants to be called ‘Lilith’ by her lover, and we see that even such a great love is lost,” he added. 

Shahmardi said that theatergoers have warmly welcomed the play, which was performed during the 17th Resistance Theater Festival in Tehran in December 2020.

Mahnaz Rudsaz and Ali Farahnak, the stars of the play, were honored with the awards for best actress and actor, while Shahmardi received the award for best playwright for the play. 

Mansur Sufi has replaced Farahnak in the new cast. 

This is the first time Shahmardi has focused on a story whose origin is from outside of his native country.  

“Contemporary political and social issues have always been my major concerns, and I study about these issues every day, but the wars and problems underway in our region inspired me to write and stage the play,” Shahmardi said.

The play is currently on stage at the Sayeh Hall of the City Theater Complex, and Shahmardi’s troupe will give their last performance on Monday night.   


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