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Everlasting Magic of Calligraphy at Niavaran

Everlasting Magic of Calligraphy at Niavaran

TEHRAN, (IRANART)- A calligraphy exhibition titled "Everlasting Magic" at Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran, features 120 works by calligraphers from Qazvin Province, which is known as Iran’s hub of calligraphy.

Among the prominent artists participating in the event are Seyed Ali Fakhari, 61, who has also held exhibitions in China, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Turkey, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, France and Germany, and Hamid Niroumand, 45.

The exhibit opened on Friday and will run through March 1. Visiting hours are from 10 am-7 pm, IRNA reported.

Of the featured works, 54 are by Fakhari in broken Nastaliq (in Persian: Nastaliq-shekasteh) script and 48 in Nastaliq script (a cursive style with long horizontal strokes and short verticals), are created by Niroumand. 

“The works I’ve presented here are the results of my 30 years of practice in both Nastaliq and broken Nastaliq. They are in the two dimensions of 100 by 70 and 70 by 50 cm,” said Fakhari.

“Calligraphy is based on literature, poetry and painting. I’ve tried to combine all these mediums in my work. Most of my calligraphies are verses from the Qur’an and poems by renowned Iranian poets.”

Fakhari’s 20th solo exhibit was held in Qazvin. “Since many calligraphy masters could not attend the event, we decided to hold an exhibit in Tehran. I want my works to be judged and evaluated by the masters.”

Most visual art events and activities are held to Tehran. Those who wish to practice calligraphy as a profession must be in contact with masters who are mostly based in Tehran. The capital also hosts most of the meetings to debate and review art. “This is why artists prefer to set up exhibitions in Tehran,” he said. 

Niavaran Cultural Center is located at the northern end of Pasdaran Street, across Niavaran Park.

Source: Financial Tribune


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