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6th Tehran Auction sales total $3M

6th Tehran Auction sales total $3M

The auction ended by selling 118 artworks in total precedes $3,165,150.

The 6th edition of Tehran Auction of contemporary art was held on Friday at Espinas Hotel, where 35 paintings, sculptures and pictures sold for more than 1,000 Million IRR ($30,788) which is considered a record to Iranian artists. Also, the results of the Tehran Auction can analyze as a leap platform for Iran's art sculpture in to overall range of contemporary art and artists who spend the fourth and fifth decades of their life.

The most expensive work of this period was belonged to 53-year old artist Farhad Moshiri. His work called "Black Numbers on White"(2002) was hammered for 8,500 million IRR ($217,949).

The famous statue "Faun Musician" of Bahman Mohassess hammered for 6,000 Million IRR ($154,000) which received second record of the night.  This little bronze sculpture was created in 1971.

فرهاد مشیری ششمین حراج تهران

Two artworks commonly have gained Third record place of sixth Tehran Auction: Painting of Reza Derakhshani 64 year old artist "Green × Green Hunt" and an artwork of Farhad Moshiri' collections a mixed media on canvas signed in both Farsi and English called "Sleep Fragile Flower" which each one hammered in 5 billion IRR ($166,000) .

Then, both two paintings of the 94-year-old artist Manouchehr Yektai received fourth and fifth place. These two Dead Nature paintings which have been created in 1971 sold in hammer price of 3,800 and 4,000 Million IRR. 

At this night, another works were sold over 3,000 Million IRR includes: painting of Hossein Zenderoudi for 3,600 Million IRR, Kooroosh Shishegaran' painting "The Tar Player" for 3,400 Million IRR, an diptych art work by Pooya Aryanpour (b.1971) "Temptation" by mirror, plaster and painted glass on wood for in a price of 3.400 Million IRR, works by Monir(Shahroudy) Farmanfarmaian with title of  "Homage to Mondrian" at price of 3,000 Million IRR and a painting of Reza Derakhshani "Love is in the Air " from Miniature series sold for 3,000 Million IRR.

Eight works were sold at Sixth Tehran Contemporary Art Auction like: Bahman Mohassess painting "Two Fishes" for 2,600 Million IRR, "Knot" by Kooroosh Shishegaran for 2,600 Million IRR, triptych painting "Siavosh" by Farah Ossouli at price of 2,600 Million IRR, a painting called "Desert" by Parviz Kalantari for 2,400 Million IRR, another painting of Farideh  Lashai for 2,400 Million IRR, painting of "Tala+Rial" by Hossein Zenderoudi for 2,400 Million IRR, diptych works of Mansour Ghandriz at price of 2,200 Million IRR and unique photo of Abbas Kiarostami from White series at price of 2,000 Million IRR.


At this night, another 15 artworks have been sold at price of 1,000 Million IRR Painting of Ghasem Hajizadeh for price of 1,800 Million IRR, Leily Matin Daftari' painting at price of 1,700 Million IRR, another work by Monir(Shahroudy) Farmanfarmaian for 1,700 Million IRR, painting called "Scape/Avicenna-Al-Biruni-Masihi" by Shahriar Ahmadi(b.1979) for 1,600 Million IRR, Ramin Shirdel(b.1981) artwork "White Love" for 1,600 Million IRR, unique Sculpture of Amir Masoud Akhaan Jam(b.1969) called "Butterfly" for 1,300 Million IRR, an artwork by Taakol Esmaili for 1,200 Million IRR, Mohammad Ali Taraghijah' work in price of 1,200 Million IRR, untitled triptych painting by  Afshin Pirhashemi for 1,200 Million IRR, acrylic and silver leaf  on canvas with title of  "Hamd Scripture" for 1,100  Million IRR, a painting by Mehrdad Mohebali for 1,100 Million IRR, a sculpture by Jazeh Tabatabai at price of 1,100 Million IRR, a sculpture of Mohammad Hossein Emad for 1,000 Million IRR, "Raphael Blowing the Horn No.5" by Reza Laasani(b.1961) for 1,000 Million IRR and a calligram of Reza Rinei for 1,000 Million IRR.

In Tehran Sixth Auction 22 works sold higher than 500 Million IRR, painting of Iran Darroudi for 950 Million IRR, two paintings of Nasser Ovissi and Rokni Haerizadeh each of them for 900 Million IRR, two paintings of Parvaneh Etemadi and Wahed Khakdan each of them for 850 Million IRR, Sedaghat Jabbari' calligram for 800 Million IRR, an artwork by Kambiz Sharif for 750 Million IRR, fie works by Mehdi Sahabi, Bahman Jalali, Farshid Mesghali, Mohammad Bozorgi and Einoin Sadeghzadeh each of them in price of 600 Million IRR, sixth artworks by Mahmood Sabzi, Ahmad Morshedloo, Mehrdad Sadri, Hamed Rashtian, Azadeh Razaghdoost and Reza Kianian  each for 500 Million IRR and Ali Faramarzi' painting in a price of 500 Million IRR.

In sixth Tehran Auction 42 works hammered for more than 2,000 Million IRR, four works of  Tahereh Samadi Tari, Hadi Jamali, Leili Taheri and Khosrow Hassanzadeh each for 460 Million IRR, Koorosh Golnari 440 Million IRR, 5 artworks of Yaghoub Emdadian, Abdolreza Ghomashchi, Amir Mobed, Shahla Habibi, Hamed Sadr Arhami each for 420 Million IRR, two works of Nima Petgar and Homoyoun Salimi each for 380 Million IRR, two works of Abdolhamid Pazoki and Ali Golestaneh each for 360 Million IRR, photo by Saeed Sadeghi "Story of 1984" and Kambiz Sabri's sculpture each for 340 Million IRR, Seven works of Gizalla (Varga) Sinai, Fereydoon Omidi, Shadi Ghadirian, Mahmoud  Bakhshi, Samira Alikhanzadeh, Behdad Lahooti and Soroosh Milanizadeh each for 320 Million IRR, four artworks of Babak Roshaninejad, Reza Khodadadi, Maryam Salour, Ahmad Amin Nazar each for 300 Million IRR, six paintings of Alireza Adambakan, Mona Pad, Babak Rashvand, Mohsen Ahmadavan, Nazar Mosaviniya and Azra Aghighi Bakhshayeshi each one in price of 260 Million IRR, fie works by Dariush Gharahzad, Ahmad Nasrollahi, Jamshid Samavatian, Mehdi Nabai and Masoud Keshmiri each one for 220 Million IRR and painting by Kazem Chalipa for price of 200 Million IRR were sold.

Other artworks which sold in this sale including: Babak Etminani for 190 Million IRR, Farah Abolghasem at price of 190 Million IRR, Hossein Sadri 190 Million IRR, Mostafa Dashti 180 Million IRR, Morteza Guodarzi 180 Million IRR,  Ebrahim Saheb Ekhtiari 170 Million IRR, Majid Koorang Beheshti 160 Million IRR, Bozorgmehr Hosseinpoor 150 Million IRR, Ramtin Zad 140 Million IRR, Arash Hanaie 130 Million IRR, Babak Kazemi 130 Million IRR, Mohammad Farnood 130 Million IRR, Jalal Sepehr 110 Million IRR, Hossein Cheraghchi 100 Million IRR, Shirin Ettaehadieh  90 Million IRR and Peyman Hooshmandzadeh for 60 Million IRR were hammered.

ششمین حراج تهران

The auction ended by selling 118 artworks in total proceeds $3,165,150.

In this course two works of Mohsen Rastani and Raffie Datian didn’t sell.

During holding of Tehran Sixth Auction famous figures such as Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, Mohammad Beheshti Shirazi, Morteza Kazemi, Ali Moradkhani, artists and collectors…were present.

the auction was belong to contemporary art and post-modern trends in art and modernist works like Sohrab Sepehri, Hossein Kazemi, Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam, Abolghasem Saeedi, Mohsen Ahsaee and Parviz Tanavoli's artworks hadn’t provided.


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