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Old Rug Designs in Paintings

Old Rug Designs in Paintings

old patterns and designs in Persian rugs have inspired painter Narenj Kazemi, 30, a graduate of Sooreh University, in her latest works.

Deep Oath’ is Kazemi’s first solo exhibition and the upcoming event at Tehran’s e1 art gallery will feature 18 of her paintings. Like most of her previous works, they have a nostalgic mood and are inspired by the old rug designs rarely seen today, ILNA reported.

The works are acrylic on canvas and the artist has used mid tone and neutral colors to create a look of antiquity in an aesthetic way.

The event opens on December 30 and will run through January 13, 2017. Except on Saturdays, the gallery located at No. 1, Lesani Alley, Jebheh Street, Elahieh neighborhood, is open all days between 4-8 pm.

Since 2011, Kazemi has participated in several group exhibitions including 2014 ‘Seven Views’ (Persian: ‘Haft Negah’) at Niavaran Cultural Center and 2012 Festival of Small Paintings at Aria Art Gallery in Tehran.


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