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“Venti, Aurae, Anima – Spirit of Fluidity” exhibition was opening on yesterday evening in foundry downtown .

Iranart: Azadeh Jafarian : The exhibition “Venti, Aurae, Anima – Spirit of Fluidity” depicts the lifestyle experiences of talented artists Dina Baitassova, Fredrik Nielsen, Louis-Cyprien Rials and Tahmineh Monzavi through art, photography, and glass. 

Audience can visit sculpture with gold and glass appearance like volcanoes in this exhibition.

khalidalbanna one of artist is present in this exhibition with cycle artwork. cycle are infact 6 huge cyrcle mixed media works of collages and sculptures. It shows life cyrcle with sharp color and highlight texture. artist wants to show off yourself.

Tahmineh monzavi

Tahmineh monzavi Iranian artist is a socially conscious photographer who has create her own style in capturing and exploring the fields of artistic and documentary photography with honesty and fearlessness in Iran . 

dina baitassova is another artist in this event . she is present with installation that Safety Environment  . this is volcano sign again.
Foundry assign about 3 walls to Marc Guiragosian “ unconscious “paintings . He is contemporary painter . Performance and video art are two of another this exhibition program . 

“Venti, Aurae, Anima – Spirit of Fluidity” exhibition was opening In foundry art gallery Foundry is a progressive art, cultural and co-working space located on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai. Not only is it perfect for the vibrant and busy neighbourhood, it is also a great addition to the art and culture scene in the city.

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