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Luca Valentini , a pop art virtuoso Was in Sconci Art Gallery in Dubai

Luca Valentini , a pop art virtuoso Was in Sconci Art Gallery in Dubai

One of the best exhibition of Sconci art gallery Is Luca Valentini , a pop art virtuoso

Iranart:Synonymous with artistic skills that merge the worlds of fashion and art, Luca Valentini brilliantly managed to carve out a niche in the art world through bold representations of both industries.

the last valentini's exhibition was on sconic art gallery in dubai on 2021.  he intervied with mojeh magazine about his thoughts on the Middle East and the importance to address controversial topics in the industry… this is a part of Luca interview with Mojeh magazine. 

Why did you feel that Dubai was the best location to present your latest exhibition?

I started thinking about a new series during my last visit to Dubai. The inspiration was born looking at the city from the window of my apartment and seeing how it transforms throughout the day. The atmosphere of the city changes completely after the sunset and the lights switch on. The title of the new series, ‘Turn on the Light’, is a metaphor for how by changing one’s perspective, the world can appear completely different.

What are your thoughts on the art scene here in the UAE? The Middle East?

The UAE and the Middle East have a very diverse mix of cultures. I think the Dubai art scene is fast catching up with the art scene in western cities such as London and New York. What I really appreciate is how pop art is re-evaluated and appreciated by the Middle Eastern community. The reproduction of materials and symbols of consumerism, seen in critical and ironic terms, are some of the best ways, in my point of view, to make us reflect on the direction our society is taking.

You’ve carved out a niche in the art industry. Where do you usually get your inspiration from?

I cannot consciously say what stimulates my inspiration, but I do know that sometimes just a moment of reflection turns into a very clear image of what I will go on to create as a painting. Inspiration can come from many forms, such as certain places, other artists, or anything that attracts my attention. I remember hours and hours being spent studying artists like Pablo Picasso or Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio. But certainly the artists of American pop art are those who have most influenced my work: the simplicity of the sign contrasted with the intensity of the concept of Keith Haring, the irreverence and the boldness of the work of Jean Michel Basquiat, the portraits and the way to represent the consumerist society of Andy Warhol. Most often my inspiration comes from reading a newspaper article or just walking down the street.

Your works are often controversial. Why do you think it’s important to address this?

I find the opportunity to offer different points of view interesting and the true essence of my work is through contrasts. With puns and images, it creates a contradiction that can in a certain way generate a controlled entropy. My art pieces are based exactly on this, on finding the right balance between attracting and disturbing. There is cultural importance from artistic gesture in order to develop the evolution of society. The culture of beauty and art is an element that could make the difference and partly alleviate social impoverishment. Through my work, my biggest challenge and mission is to build a foundation for social growth.

What do you hope to take from your presence here in the region?

For me, I try to find inspiration from many of the places I visit. In my opinion, travelling is the best way to open your eyes and expand your horizons. Every journey has left something inside of me that comes out when I least expect it.




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