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Maryam Delavar / Nikoo school

Children and Empathy /By Maryam Delavar

Children and Empathy /By Maryam Delavar

Children and Empathy / By Maryam Delavar

Iran Art : Nikoo: A school or a way of life?! By Maryam Delavar

Children are a great blessing in our lives. We devote love and attention to our children, but we often forget that in turn, we borrow love and hope for future from them. We cherish this gift and believe that children should evolve in an environment where they learn to love life above anything else.

We have set foot on this path with love and are looking to establish a new model in education; A model with the capacity to become a global brand. Our sensibility towards children, if not more than parents, is certainly not less. Perhaps the difference between us and parents is that we benefit from extensive educational knowledge and expertise and many years of experience working in schools.

We don't want children to be isolated from difficulties and challenges. Instead, children will learn to be happy, strong, overcome challenges, turn threats into opportunities, have self-confidence and self-esteem, be successful in social relationships, and above all, show empathy. To us, empathy is an inseparable necessity for life. There is always an atmosphere of empathy in Nikoo and we encourage empathy in every circumstance, for today's generation longs for empathy and kindness.

Maryam Delavar

The atmosphere of empathy enables learning through coexistence where children get to practice life skills, learn adaptability and develop resilience in preparation for the cold world ahead.

We believe that the “superhuman of the future” is adaptable and resilient, and the only vaccine to protect humanity from the unknown dangers of artificial intelligence, is love and empathy between humans.

The reason for Nikoo's well-spiritedness, is education seasoned with love, compassion, and empathy.

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