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Adele shares grief with fans by video call over postponed Vegas shows

Adele shares grief with fans by video call over postponed Vegas shows

Adele has personally apologised to fans after cancelling a series of highly anticipated shows in Las Vegas because of Covid production issues.

Iranart:The singer addressed disappointed concert-goers, some of who had travelled in from around the world, via FaceTime after her residency was postponed at the last minute.

Several fans were reduced to tears as an assistant from Adele’s team carried the iPhone around a pop-up merchandise store to allow the singer to speak directly to them.

In one video call to a pair of fans, the Grammy winner said: “I love you too, I’m so sorry and I can’t wait to meet you, alright. Get your free bag – and you’re not old enough to drink, are you, so you can’t have that free drink token.

“Get your freebies and chat to anyone. Ask any of my team anything about the show, ask them anything about me, about the show.

She told the fan she had “bled and fucking sweated and cried” into preparing for the show. “So just have fun to all the fans and I’m really sorry and it’s really nice to meet you both.”

In a direct Instagram message to a fan, Adele apologised for the disappointment and urged them to visit her Vegas gift store, where Adele-branded T-shirts and hoodies were on sale for between $45 and $90 (£33 and £66) each.

She later took to Twitter to say that she had the “best fans in the world” and thanked them for their “graciousness and love.

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